Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Inspirational quote

Hello my beautiful bloggers... I wanted to quickly write out a quote I made on my own that I feel is true to me. If you all feel the same yay:) I'm glad I inspired you!

When you let go of fear or condemnation, you will be surpised that our hearts open up and do what is innately within us; to do unto others as you would want done unto you. -Love and give love in return

Many times, I just randomly jot down whats in my head and I like to look within myself from time to time since I surpise myself with how much I really know without having to always seek advice. Although it is good to seek advice sometimes but alwayas remember to take the good from the bad of everything. You are your own mind and your own being... advice should only be a way to awaken your own personal beliefs, never to steer you away from anything your truly feel.

xox 1love,

I hope you all had an amazing day!

when I find the time to post pictures of my weekend and some other moments. I will. I hope I entertain you guys xox!


  1. Great post, Jessica Lauren. Off to read your words one more time..
    HAve a happy Tuesday xxxx

  2. You are right! It's ok to gather advice from others but only you know what is right for you. All of us give our opinions on what we think is right for ourselves and in no way does that mean it's right for another person. So always look within yourself, you have the answers :)