Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Great

the obsene rejects love,
we don't know how to show it.
A world, with its many facets,
Have made room for only profit.
not me, I gain my glory in one love,
A love not for the Capitalist.
A love with united colors in one rainbow,
In which the sun and water reflect off of it.
A connection between all things,
that no man or man-made God can stop it.


My world is one that only turns because of the one I call the Great.
Not merely by the man who claims, that he knows all of the lakes.
or the plains, the rivers, the shores or the rockies,
or the man that incorporated infrastructure for some money.
But by the great, omnipresent, omnsicient and omnipotent.
The Great thats never Late.

He never falters, and gives up on this world,
This is proven from the worlds orbit.
He never lets the skies unfold and gifts the world a sun to absorb it.

The great never changes, He never ruins a beautiful thing.
especially of his admire.
from the beginning of time, he had one rhyme and it was to live, and love one another.
Though the sin on this earth, was not one he endured, it was a sin casted by another.
A fallen angel of the Greats love that chose to become a self starter.
This divide became the existence of what the Great would never inspire.
An existence of conditional love, that loves only for its desire.
A love only with limits, You please me and I'll be happy but if you don't then your asking for disaster.
The Great requires nothing from us but for our will to live happily ever after.

So, man have been wronged many times, over and over
and manipulated by the sin on this earth, through money, capitalism and power.
They have been brainwashed and conflicted and only makes man commit the worst crimes, such as murder. And were told by the books of "God" that they would be thrown into hell fire and tortured.

But not the Great, He knows all and see's His men as His children. While humans would cast a stone on the wicketest crimes, the Great still loves the criminal and waits for him to shine.

Its hard to imagine, because we feel that loving these criminals will just make room for the worse. But that fallen angel is the only one happy when the criminal is tortured and cursed.

To sum up a love that is greater than man, greater than crimes that have been condemned. The battle is not between the Great and His children. But between the Great and the Fallen angel that lead his children in the wrong direction.

The Great that I know, never changes and loves unconditionally.
The Great that I know, is there waiting for me to respect myselves, others and the world around me.

If we slip and we fall, the Great is there picking us up.
Even if we committed the worst of the worst crimes he is there with his arms out.
The paradox is just that if we Loved the great Unconditionally as He does us,
The worst of the crimes even the smallest of them all would never find room in our lives. We would respect the life we have the life of others amd the creations all around us.

The Great is great for a reason, He is the only one out there who trusts us.

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