Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Inspirational Quote and Poem!

Hello bloggers!!! this quote is perfect for the new year...

I hope you all have a very pleasant year a head of you and that it is much better than all the rest that had past.

I thought up another quote for all of you including myself.. it's perfect since this year I want to stop and I mean COMPLETELY STOP focusing on my mistakes ... because I have come to the conclusion that I keep on saying im getting better in and changing.. but I havent... I mean, I have changed a lot! positively of course.. but I am not fully happy just yet.. and I have realise why... its because I keep saying IM NOT THAT PERSON NO MORE... I AM NOT GOING TO MAKE THAT MISTAKE ANY MORE...IM BETTER I KNOW IT!!!... but, upon analyzing myself so much... I ignore the simple fact that I am just making mistakes in other aspects of my life now for example... I am soo honest not that I just tend to feel I need to express everylittle thing I do wrong... and at first if felt right now it just makes me lose the credebility I have for my own self... soo its time to reogranize my thoughts everyone...

Now is the time to accept the changes I made.. and stop thinking about them... and just remmember one thing about them... I have changed.. I am much nicer to my family, much more loving to Handsome... have been Very honest and sincere since then... but its okay to make mistakes and they will happen... and its not always right to confess to everyone what you have done wrong... but yet confess to just yourself and change it... you don't need to say sorry for everything you do and feel like they should know...you need to feel in your heart that you know your sorry and fenito... whipe your hands off and move on... that was my issue.. I always had to be so completely honest of my mishaps to everyone and even say things that didnt involve them but just myself... and felt like that was the only way to move on... but thats not true ... you dont have to be honest about things like that to others but honest to yourself... thats it thats all... this year has just started and I have realised that...and in this time... the mistakes become a lot more miniscule..I also believe that if I change in this way.. I wil gain all my confidence back that I had lost and because that person I truly use to be while I was in highshool.. a person who just lived for herself.. never talked bad about others.. just wanted to live... I want to be that person again because I havent been in a long, long time.

I have also realised who is understanding and loves me... because I would tell them everything and they never turned me down.. they always understood... it was actually just me who didnt understand myself... soo now need to just stop being that person who confesses eveything bc it just fed the fire... it made me not understand myself more and more...it was making me seek approval and not seek approvale from myself.
Alright no more blabbling...

here is the lovely line I thought up for each and everyone of us who feel that this is what they needed to read:

when you keep focusing on the edge soo much attempting to avoid it... the minute you look away you'll fall... Stop focusing on it and just keep on steppin... you'll be suprised at how well your balance is

Here is a poem I wrote a long, long time ago... I dont know how I found it while looking for school books for an essay I have to do...

take a loook!

" Its alright, It's okay, life takes it's toll anyway. No matter what happens and what choice I make, It's what I wanted in the first place. Why fight with myself and makes things worse, It was the choice I made so make it work. It's not about others or if they're hurt. It's about myself and what I am worth. So once I choose a path let it be, don't let guilt take control of me. walk along, walk it strong and soon enough you'll do less wrong!"

We need to stop dwellingg.. stoppp thinking we are bad, wrong, immoral, unrighteous ... not human.. and get that we are doing the best we can in life.. and we will still slip.. but we may not fall if...we just stay calm and understand ourselves... even if others don't understand us.


  1. This is a good start to a new year. It is so difficult to change your mind set...some people even think its impossible. I know your capabilities and strengths and you know how to make the impossible possible, I've seen it! Your attitude has changed, daily, and with baby steps. Thats how it should be, there is no such thing as a quick fix. Along this continous transformation you will come across stumbling blocks that will render how you think. TOTALLY FINE! It's apart of changing, these mistakes will enable you to be that person you truly are, and it will let you shine! This post of yours is as always, inspiring not only towards yourself, but me too, and I'm sure others who are reading it. When in doubt, and we are feeling negative, we must come back to these early January 2011 posts! I love you always!


  2. I too need to stop focusing on my mistakes. Such wise words:) Wishing you all the best in 2011!

  3. Everyone makes mistakes no matter what they are..it is bound to happen. It is normal. In order to learn, and grow as a person you must make mistakes. At the end of the day no one is perfect and this is a normal way of life. Just be a good person you think that is and do the things that make you happy :)