Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well this is me :)

Im 22 in about a week so I will just say im 22 years old.. this blog will be the place I write, post pictures of myself and loved ones, and just explore me!

I love to write. Let it be poems, inpirational thoughts, or even just daily diaries.. I have always been literature expressive not so much verbally... oh well, God gave us many ways to express ourselves and I guess this is my way!

I hope to make new friends also! I would enjoy reading others blogs that I can relate to in some sort of way and I will definately be more than happy if others enjoyed mine! I'm sure that many of my posts will relate, inspire, or keep others intrigued!

However, first and foremost, this blog is disigned to benefit me. So that I can look within my self find out what truly matters in my life... and take the good from each situation or the good from bad situations and convert it into positivity!

Im very spiritual I should mention. I believe there is ONE God but that does not mean He is one religion. There's a host of religions to follow out there and I applaud all of those who follow any! Just believe.. is my motto, because that's all God asks from us.

I went through alot of little bumps and big bumbs in my life and each have led me closer to God and His wisdom. I will mention alot of those experiences as I journey my field of Innocence!

I hope everyone enjoys this blog as much as I do.
It will definately be a growing experience for me:)

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Welcome back to blogging! Looking forward to reading your posts! xoxoxo