Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Feeling Very Welcomed!

I'm Just loving the blog lately!!... I had a previous blog but it didn't get me anywhere. Maybe I was Just not ready for it.

But I'm welcomed by so many lovely followers and I would not ask for more :)

I love to interact with people. Im very communicative!!!
I had fb, deleted it, then re added just to keep in touch with a few people. All because fb was just way too complicated for me. I had all the wrong followers lets just say. And It wasn't such a positive environment like the blog!

Everyone on the blog is soo much more positive! they talk very uplifting and give support just when you need it!!!

I just wanted to mention thanks to the bloggers on my list. It really does make me happy!!

The Social Butterfly wants to leave all my blooggers with a beautiful quote.

"May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
And find your shoulder to light on,
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
Today, tomorrow and beyond".


  1. I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying this bloggy world. It really is such a supportive place!

  2. hey there, love this new blog redo!! Just stick with it and hey, thanks for stopping by....you are always welcomed!!


  3. Thanks Ladies. I retouched the blog so much lately! i'm trying to find the perfect fit lol... I think I've found it!!


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is lovely. :) I love the blog world too, it's a very friendly place. I'd love to come back and visit you again!