Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Your Will For You is God's Will For You

From one of the greatest books of all time. A book that releases all your worries. Tells you that everything will be okay. And that God the only one we all strive for acceptance by at the end of the road, will love you NO MATTER WHAT.

From the book What God Wants by Neal Donald Walsch. Short and inspiring. Short and enlightening. Short and extremely sweet if we can accept that we are all put on this Earth for nothing, absolutely nothing but for ourselves, God wants us to love ourselves.

We have been told from generations upon generations what God wants from us and it was simply that we follow a guide and to love him and only Him. To not bare false witness, to worship him and use this world as a place of suffering so that He see our suffering for him and reserve a place in heaven. I can go on forever. But have we ever stopped to think about this...

Think about this,

Perhaps God does not want something from Humans, But exists only to give something to Humans and perhaps what God wants to give to Humans is exactly what humans truly want in life. Nothing more and nothing less but to just live willfully o.f yourself

Wouldn't That be interesting....

Wouldn't that just change the course of theology? wouldn't that just step on every political ideologists toes, wouldn't that truly and really make us all one?

Wouldn't that make a difference...

I think so.

ONE thing to ponder about,

I go to University and study Politics and Health. And so many times I have been asked and we have discussed what societies issues are. What causes all the problems from poor health, inadequate food supplies, war, terrorism, every problem you can possibly name. I have heard its a Political problem, a social problem, an economical problem to name a few, and I have too stated these problems, Yet nothing has ever been changed, we are continually repeating history just in different ways. Maybe physical war has died down, but we fight and struggle for our lives everyday when it comes to living rich and living poor. Have we ever even uttered the words that it is a Spiritual Problem? maybe if we got right to the very point of our salvation and our first thoughts that there is a God we could figure out what has seggrogated us all..

If we opened our eyes to see that since we believe we are all right about our religions, and fought constantly to gain power withing our religions, and then it moved to social factors, then to political and then to economical... would'nt we all think that this is primarily the cause of all our problems?

I know so,

We have structured our lives over three dominant religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

they have fought for generations upon generations to gain power and we all ignore its struggle because we feel this is what God wants. I am right because I am Christian, they are wrong because they aren't. The power goes to me.

Do we not all believe that God exist?

Here is what I believe, WE ALL ARE RIGHT. ALL OF US. We pose good judgments about God in all of our religious scriptures to SOME extent. We mention that God is loving, merciful, and forgiving. We innately know that God wants happiness. But structures and limits within each religion stir our beliefs away from one another. We all believe that WE ARE THE TRUTH, do not mix with unbelievers, do not understand them for they are ungrateful and wrong. This is the downfall, this is where we all divide and feel hostility and thus, our structures thrive and not allow us to live freely and willingly as God would have it.

What happened to God is all loving? We all have read this and heard this about God plenty. SO why would he condemn us for our confusion in life, our struggle, our strive to survive? He would never condemn us, we do that to ourselves everyday. We do it because of all the social, economical, political problems around us. Primarily because of spiritual issues.

I will leave of with this, from the book What God Wants Walsch states, If God were to come down to earth today to say one thing... I think it would be...

"You guys have me all Wrong".


  1. Great book Jessy I'm glad you found it! Love conquers all and we should all be grateful for what we have and for what God gave us...not the materialistic crap...the friends, family, food we eat and the shelter above our heads!

  2. Deep post today my friend! Sounds like an inspiring book.