Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Heart is Smart

I have become a better person. Being with Handsome has not destroyed my faith since he is Muslim and I am Christian. My Faith in God in fact has become stronger.

If I happened to doubt God or feel he may not exist it was mainly at the beginning of our relationship when I was too narrow minded to see the reality of God's love in all religions, and differences in the world. That is why I would like to share my experience in hopes that others would support and feel the same way too.

My Theory in God's purpose of creation.
There is ONE GOD. Many Religions see it this way, and if they do not that is fine I believe that they are right too. God is God, if we can't explain how there is no beginning and no end to him then we can't explain if he is a girl, or boy, a million and one gods or just one. I Just know there is A God. I believe he created an earth for ALL his children; of different religions, cultures, races and beliefs, to inhabit and live as a unit. To understand one another and see eachother as brothers and sisters. This is known as unconditional love. A love God possesses.

So,how can humanity itself work as a unit? if we find limits in all these aspects then we embrace conditional love. The opposite love God does not possess.

Conditional love is all love that expresses itself only when an expectation be met. A love that only strengthens when it is satisfied and weakens when it is disatisfied.

It's safe to say that even my theory has expectations. I.e. working as a unit is an expectation from me, loving one another, accepting one another etc. These are all expectations from me. But not from God. His love never dies and every man and women out there could induldge in wrongdoings but deep down we know, or eventually will know we have done wrong and feel guilty. God has automatically forgiven us because our guilt has indirectly pleaded for forgiveness. God did not expect us to ask for forgiveness. Our heart had felt it Naturally. I will further explain how strong the heart can be but most importantly, the heart is the purest part of our body, it is the function that longs for what God feels most. Unconditional love.

I would like to place a devil's advocate here.

If there is a God, there is a Devil, But I believe the Devil only exists here on earth. If you believe in good, bad must be present too or else we can't exhilarate in good. If there is unconditional love then there must be conditional love.

If one weighs out all the social constraints that endure in the world we live in, such as the law, past ideologies or slavery, or powerlessness that still exist today through constraints of race, class and gender and most importantly constraints between religions, the one thing that tells us that we are all Gods children but doesn't allow certain things. They all place limits that lead to certain groups being more powerful. This is so because the little things that make us so powerful such as, money, dominating groups over minorities, the physically strong over the physically weak and so fourth. Inevitably this leads to certain groups being limited, doesn't it? (Conditional love).

Thus, conditional love enhances a love no God of ours would comprehend. He loves us all and perceives love as a love that there is no beginning or end to just like Gods power of existance.

So, then how can Handsome and I work as a unit?

To this world it would definately be perceieved conditionally by religion on it's own. But not God.

My eyes have finally opened and I am believing in God's path for me. The path that brought me closer to God, the path that made me wiser, the path that strengthened my faith. The path that helped me to explore the many faces of life and ALL it's differences. And really showed me why one human can not judge another simply because they just don't know all the facts.

And, whatever happens next in my love life, my career life, my family life, my health life you name it, I am willing to accept it because I have Faith in God, and Faith within my Heart.

In my heart, Handsome and I are meant to be in this crazy limited world. If we are not meant to be for any reason it would be no other but by a change in MY heart. Not because of those who told me that we cannot work out, not because of religion, or opposing powers, not because of money, or a fortune teller that told me a path that limits my options,
(but because of my heart.)
The Heart: The only thing God has given me that can never be influenced not even by me or my own head, the head that thought about all the stuff I just mentioned and wrote down. The head is only good for logic but not decision making.
But the heart, Gods special gift to all of us, is the smartest, wisest, all knowing body part. follow your heart.

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