Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field. Meet Me There.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Psychic reading from a Psycho

Bloggers... Yesterday was quite interesting.

I went to the Exibition to end of my summer with some fun..But with luck on the other end of the totum pole, I didn't have a gay ol' time.

I don't really know what I was thinking going to a psychic reading at the beginning of my day or even going at all but my experience sure ruined the day for me!

I did palm readings, both palms for 20 bucks.. I felt like it was going to be a fun experience, I didn't think any harm would come out of it. I pictured her saying things about my personality. I didnt think she would get in debth about my love life or my career path. Really, but like I said, I wasn't thinking.

The lady had long dark hair, deep intimidating eyes, a long face with indented cheeckbones and I white sunflower hat on. She was in her mid 50's at least?

She stared at my palms for at least 5 to 7 seconds and started off by mentioning that I have long fingers and a wide base so this means I have good pen-menship and writing skills. She said that I should be pursuing my career in a field of writing but I am not and that the career im pursuing is not where I should be because I don't take initiative in my own path and that I instead, wait it out and have a sort of laid back attitude towards my future with my career. She was very right as of yet.

She mentiond that I missed my opportunity to revise my career path and start fresh and get on track about five months ago. I contemplated but I did not recall that experience. I told her That I do not remember that incident. Then the tables turned.

My love life. She told me that the guy I was with right now is not the one for me. How did she know who I was with? or if Im really with someone? I kept a still face the whole way through. She proceeded, " You will be with him for about a year and a half longer, he will propose to you and you will be engaged but someone will take you away from him" I was truly upset, not going to lie here, but to her, I just stood there without any shock. Then she wanted to know if I had any questions for her. I looked at her dull faced and and bluntly stated, "nope". She stared at my eyes for about 10 seconds and said well I can tell you that you will have three children, and that the guy you end up being with is the one who will be the one you left the guy your with now and he will cause you to have trust issues and insecurities.

And, off topic stated that you will have no illnesses or tradgedies anytime soon.

I pretty much couldn't wait to get out of there so I paid her and left... I went up to my Sister and asked her to go she did... but before going I made sure she took of her engagment ring..

Short and sweet she got another psychic and this girl was younger and more docile. My sister came out stating that she got EVERYTHING right.... she made one minor mistake about her career path but got that she is in a committed relationship and that she would be married in the month of march and april.

This is actually true for her.

My day WAS ruined bloggers...

I told Handsome all about it.. And after a bit of convincing I believed him that it's not always true. Well, he believes it's not true at all.

I only felt so discouraged because my sisters was quite accurate. But still my sisters story was objective, the psychic reading was objective, and so was my reading. And every single one of them could have munipulated the story to seem convincing.

They are all human beings, And I do feel in my heart that God has a plan for me and ONLY God truly Knows this.

Handsome told me that No one in his family believes in psychics. And Handsome as well as his family have STRONG faith in God. I mean he has never doubted God in his life, He has alot of confidence in himself, and the ones around him, He never ever doubts anything and always stresses to me that he is happy now and thats all that he looks forward to.

I feel comfort in his words because deep down it's the truth. I just couldn't help but to worry since one reading was presented to me so right and accurate. Handsome's advice was not objective to me since I felt the same in my heart.

I take this as a learning experience and as a one time thing. Now I will venture off into my future blindsided and willing to love live and be happy with who I am with today.

If my bloggers have any stories they'd like to share with me about their experiences of anyone they know, Please feel free, I like discussions and topics anyways!

Thanks My lady Bloggers, for always taking the time <3


  1. Thanks for coming by to visit! I don't see a private email address or I would send you an email.....My husband is indeed a precious man. He is my second husband. One of the things I would tell you is to pray constantly for your boyfriend and for your relationship in general. It makes a huge difference! :)

  2. Thank You Nancy Grayce :)... I believe we are mean to be simply because of love. I always pray, and I feel comfort that God knows, He loves both of us no matter what religion and he wants us to be happy.